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I absolutely love these beanies or toques as we say here in Canada! They’re extremely well made and it’s nice to see colour options for both girls and boys that aren’t just blue/pink! We’ve been using them since my babe was a newborn and will continue to!

Slouch Headwear
Amelia Cass
So cozy!

Love this for my newborn son! It’s so hard to find toques that fit his tiny head and this is perfect

Slouch Headwear
Sadie Many Fingers
Hands Down the Best Beanie Ever!! 👌

I've been ordering Slouch Headwear since my baby was born in 21'. Slouch Headwear asolutely 💯 never disappoints. Such excellent products. I am from Cardston, AB, CA. Definitely will be ordering more!!

Slouch Headwear
Shawna Negasi
BEST beanies EVER!

Have never found a better beanie! I’ve been a customer for many years now, through having babies, and I adore that the whole family can wear and match in them! They are the perfect size/shape, and the color selection is always amazing! There’s truly a color for everyone! No need to look anywhere else. Also love that it’s U.S. made/supporting a small family business. PLUS, their customer service is OUTSTANDING! They are so generous and accommodating. They go out of their way for their customers and I am blown away every time! Won’t shop anywhere else.

Love my beanie

I’m bald. My Slouch is a Swiss Army knife of headwear - protects me from sun rays on my head, it's a fabulous shock absorber (maybe only bald people understand this) a tree branch to the head - protects the head and cuts down my swearing, and it looks great - the other beanies creep up my head and I am continually having to adjust them down. Not with Slouch. Keep your head healthy, strong and look cool at the same time.

Great quality!

Love the beanies, the fit is great, very comfortable!

5-Star Quality

I love buying beanies for my kids & I from Slouch! They are so comfortable, stylish, and hold up year after year. I love that the company is family owned and operated! Highly recommend.

Slouch Headwear
Landon Petersen
High Quality and Fantastic Customer Service

I’ve had this beanie for over 2 years and it still is in near perfect condition and extremely comfortable.

must have!!

These are a must have for all of your kids, but especially your newborn!! They stay on so well and don't lose their shape. Adorable and BEST quality. So comfortable and always get compliments whenever we are wearing them!

Slouch Headwear
Kirstin Hansen
Best Hats Ever!

I’ve been buying Slouch hats since my oldest was a babe. Now with 4 children we all wear them on the regular! Best hats. Best color selections. Best company!


We absolutely love these beanies. We got one for my newborn and the quality was amazing. I loved how many colors there were to choose from and felt like the colors were so cool compared to other shops. It came so fast and was incredible quality.

Slouch Headwear
Ashley Petersen
Comfy and amazing quality

My whole family absolutely loves Slouch beanies! We have been using them for years and the quality is amazing and lasts. They are perfect for my little ones and I have brought home all my babies from the hospital in a Slouch beanie. It is a great staple to have all year long!

Slouch Headwear
Quinn Clyde
Best beanies EVER

You know you’ve found a good beanie when the shape of the beanie doesn’t change the more you wear them. Another reason why I love slouch beanies, these beanies are the first beanies that my kids will wear and not take off. Carl and Emily have worked wonders and we love all the styles and colors they offer!

Family Hit

We have bought these beanies again and again. The whole family loves them and they are used almost every day. They fit our kids really well and go with so many things. They are definitely quality products.

Slouch Headwear
Brittany Fish
The cutest beanie for my new baby!

Absolutely loved the style and fit of the Slouch beanie for my newborn! The color was perfect too!

Best beanies!!

Best colors, fabric, fit, everything. And they are stretchy so they can fit kids for a long time!

Slouch Headwear
Megan Cornell
The Perfect Beanie for Babe

We discovered Slouch Headwear after our son Beau was born and I instantly fell in love. Being able to put on a cozy and cute hat right from birth was so exciting from someone who was only ever used to putting bows on a baby girl. Since then we have worn your beanies on him and now our newest babe is getting to wear some of the same ones!

A must for cold season!

The beanie fits so perfectly well for my then baby and now upgraded to bigger sizes for my toddler. It’s nice, warm and comfy. Colors they have are great. Definitely will be coming back to buy more.


The softest beanies, great fit for adults and kids alike. The newborn beanies are so soft, love to give as gifts!

Slouch Headwear
Brittany Chumbley
The best!

Honestly? The best! Best quality, they hold up great! Color options wonderful! Great sizing!

"Adorable and Cozy: Slouch Beanie Hats are a Hit for Our Little One!

We adore the Slouch beanie hats for infants, toddlers, and the whole family. We especially love them for our son! The quality is excellent, keeping him cozy and stylish. The variety of colors and soft material make it a must-have accessory for every little one and everyone. Highly recommend!

Slouch Headwear
Rachel McCullough
best beanies for littles!!!

i have only bought slouch beanies for my son since he was born!! the infant size was so nice to have for a november baby, since most other beanies don’t come that small!! and now this winter he’s 1 and wearing the toddler size!! such good quality and so comfy on his little head!! we will use slouch for him always, and for all our babies to come!!

My go to beanie

Never disappointed in our slouch beanies! Love that I can buy matching colors in all sizes for my three boys, plus I’ve been wearing my adult one for years!

Will never stop buying beanies from Slouch!

I discovered Slouch almost 9 years ago when my oldest was a newborn and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve probably accumulated well over 30 beanies between my 4 kids and myself. I love that they are handmade and knowing I’m supporting a small business. Their customer service is TOP NOTCH as is the quality of their beanies. You can’t beat the cute styles and free shipping either!

The best beanies!

Both my boys have been wearing slouch beanies since the day they popped out from the womb! Hands down the best beanies! The only stylish ones I can find out there. Literally have been wearing them the day the were born until now.. I love this small shop so much, they are great at responding to your messages and questions as well! I also love it when they reshare our photos 🤎